County Adds Nearly 600 Acres to

Hellhole Canyon Preserve 

In January 2019, the county purchased 571 acres of land adjacent to the Hellhole Canyon Preserve in Valley Center for $4 million.

The land will be added to the Hellhole Canyon Preserve. It includes 251 acres purchased from J.P. Birdland, LLC And Paradise Mountain Ranch LLC) and 320 acres from Friends Of Chabad Lubavitch San Diego.

The County identified two properties available in Valley Center east of the County’s Hellhole Canyon Preserve within the MSCP Draft North County Plan Pre-Approved Mitigation Area (PAMA), an area important to conserve for sensitive species. One property, located at the end of Sierra Verde Road southeast of the preserve, is approximately 251 acres. 

The other property, located at the northeast end of Hell Creek Road, is about 320 acres. In June 2018, the County was awarded a State of California Habitat Conservation Fund (HCF) grant to acquire the Sierra Verde Road property. The grant will cover $200,000 of the purchase price of the land. The HCF grant is competitive and requires a dollar-for-dollar funding match.

The property was acquired at the appraised value of $3,000,000. With staff, transaction and land improvement costs, the total project cost in Fiscal Year 2018-19 is $3,353,000, based on budgeted appropriations of available prior year General Fund balance in the Capital MSCP Acquisition Fund. 

The board is also requested to authorize the purchase of the Hell Creek Road property, Assessor Parcel Numbers 191-060-01, -02 and -06 from Friends of Chabad Lubavitch San Diego at the appraised value of $1,000,000 based on budgeted appropriations of available prior year General Fund balance in the Capital MSCP Acquisition Fund. With staff, transaction and land improvement costs, the total project cost in Fiscal Year 2018-19 is $1,163,000.

Read more at San Diego Union Tribune

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Our impact

Since our inception in 2000 the Friends have been champions for preservation and responsible recreation within the Preserve.

Our organization has added 837 acres to the Preserve, which now totals roughly 2,594.33 acres. We identify key parcels for acquisition based on a few factors:

  • Proximity to the Preserve

  • Ecological importance

  • Affordability

Our goal is to continue to educate the public on this natural treasure and protect it for the enjoyment of our and future generations.

What the Friends have added so far:

Other ways to donate

There are many ways in which you can be involved and help us further our mission. If you cannot join as a member or would like to go above and beyond, we can accept any of the following types of donations. Please contact us to arrange your donation.

  • Gifts of stock

  • Wills and retirement plans

  • Gifts of land

  • A reserved life estate

  • Charitable remainder trust

  • Life insurance

  • Gifts of real estate


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