Our impact is amplified when we work as a team. With the help of our partners and 100-Acres Club donors, we can continue to expand the Hellhole Canyon Open Space Preserve and protect it for present and future generations.



We are grateful for the generosity and support of our present and past donors:

California Wildlife Conservation Board
California Department of Transportation
Cosmic Solar
The County of San Diego Department of Parks & Recreation
Countryside Veterinary Hospital

Coyote Oaks Winery
The San Diego County Parks Society
Doris Florentine Fund
Environment Endowment Fund
Encuentros Leadership

The Hitz Family Foundation
Jimbos Markets
Land & Watershed Conservation Fund
Las Pilitas Nursery
Marisla Foundation
Ray Chavez & Rupert Keeler
Roel, Inc.
Roxanne Green Accounting, Tom Bouse North County Tax Accountancy
The San Diego Foundation
The San Diego Foundation Colonel Frank C. Wood Memorial Fund
The San Diego Foundation Environment Fund
The San Diego Foundation Ariel W. Coggeshall Fund
San Pasqual Tribe Ipai
Somm Select

Stone Brewery, Escondido, California
Terry’s Hay & Grain
Valley Center Wireless

Waterwise Pools
The Wollman Family Foundation


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