The Friends is a group of volunteers who work to protect and steward critical land in Hellhole Canyon in Valley Center. 

We educate the public on the natural wonders that comprise the Preserve. We support the recreation and enjoyment of the canyon by showing visitors how they can enjoy this chaparral treasure.

We also work to acquire and conserve ecologically important open space, which enhances and expands the Preserve’s conservation footprint. Collaborating with state and county government, local foundations, and private donors, the Friends has successfully added 230 acres of critically important open space to the now 1900-acre preserve. 

There is more to be done. Will you join us and become a Friend?


Board Members

The Friends is an all-volunteer nonprofit. On any given day you can find at least one of our board members hiking, horseback riding, birdwatching or taking photos in the Preserve. Collectively, they govern the Friends organization and lead efforts to fulfill our mission.

Joaquin Aganza, President

Jim Campbell, Webmaster

Laurie Carter, Secretary

Greg Eisman, Director

Susan Fajardo, Merchandise

Dr Richard Foxx, Director

Adrienne Fuller, Media & Events

Dilek Koksal, Director

Tim Nedzweckas, Events Manager

Julie Picot, Membership

Rosanna Thompson, Treasurer

Bonnie Wheeler, Director

We currently have an opening on the Board! If you are interested in joining our cause as a Board member, please fill out this application. All Board members are required to fulfill a minimum level of participation and to have current membership of the Friends.