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Here's why this campaign is so important

Here's why this campaign is so important

Last week we introduced you to our capital campaign and invited you to our party. It will only take a moment to tell you why this is so important.

The 400 acres that we are raising money for are situated in an important place. They sit right between the Rancho Guejito, BLM land, and Hellhole Canyon; making them part of a larger wildlife corridor. 

What's a wildlife corridor?

VALLEY CENTER: Friends of Hellhole Canyon add 34 acres to preserve

Friends of Hell Hole Canyon will have something new to celebrate in their annual meeting this Saturday following the acquisition of 34 acres for the preserve.

Rick Landavazo, president of Friends of Hellhole Canyon Open Space Preserve, said his volunteer group and the county worked together to buy the land, bringing the preserve east of Valley Center to about 1,900 acres.

Celebrating the salvation of Hellhole

First fire closed a little bit of heaven called Hellhole Canyon, and then it was rain.

Come tomorrow, it will all be good again.

Burned manzanita plants provide a stark contrast with the wildflowers blooming in the distance at Hellhole Canyon County Open Space Preserve near Valley Center. “We’re feeding off Mother Nature’s recovery,” said Jake Enriquez, a county parks official.

Nonprofit Raises Funds for Hellhole Canyon Purchase

VALLEY CENTER —- Gnarled fingers of oak and manzanita, blackened by the Paradise fire, are making way for a new generation of greenery this spring in Hellhole Canyon Open Space Preserve —- 1,712 acres of spirited terrain east of Valley Center.

Horned lizards, coyotes and even mountain lions have returned home to the place that earned its name, some say, because summers in the preserve’s rugged hills and canyon are "as hot as you know where."