Here's why this campaign is so important

Last week we introduced you to our capital campaign and invited you to our party. It will only take a moment to tell you why this is so important.
The 400 acres that we are raising money for are situated in an important place. They sit right between the Rancho Guejito, BLM land, and Hellhole Canyon; making them part of a larger wildlife corridor. 
What's a wildlife corridor?
A corridor is about flow. It provides the room to roam, the flow of animals from one large open space to the next, and the flow of resources. Because of the corridor, animals can travel through the canyon and find food, water and mates. 
When land is developed, the flow is impeded. Wildlife who become isolated, can inbreed. We have seen this happen farther north in the Santa Monica Mountains, where mountain lions have been trapped in one area by Los Angeles highways. This is a disturbing photo:



But if we keep the flow open, wildlife can move around, and get to where they need to go. They can meet new mates and maintain the genetic integrity of the species. Plus, we get 400 acres of additional pristine chaparral habitat to add to the Preserve. 

Just look at this view: 

So if you can, please join us for our event on November 6th at Melrose Ranch. You learn more about the event on this page

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You can also just make a donation to the campaign if you are unable to come but want to help out. Donate online here or send a check in any amount to PO Box 221, Valley Center, CA 92082. 

We cannot thank you, our members and partners, enough for your support. 

For the wildlife,

The Friends of Hellhole Canyon